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This professor of Metallurgy maintains a keen expertise in metallurgy, alloys, mechanical performance, metal deformation and fracture mechanics and failure analysis. After earning his PhD in Metallurgical Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, he moved to the United States where he served as a National Research Council research fellow at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. For more than 20 years, he has taught at a prominent university in the Western US, lecturing and conducting research on fracture mechanics and material design.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: UT
  • BEng, Metallurgy, PSG Institute of Technology (India)
  • MEng, Physical Metallurgy, Indian Institute of Science
  • PhD, Metallurgical Engineering and Fracture Mechanics, Indian Institute of Science
  • Member, Materials Research Society
  • Member, American Society for Materials International
  • Member, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society
  • Former, U.S. National Research Council Research Fellow, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Former, Materials Research Scientist, Universal Energy Systems
  • Current, Professor of Metallurgical Engineering, a Prominent American University

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Metallurgy/Materials Engineering Expert

Metallurgy/Materials Engineering Expert

State: CA

This expert has over 20 years of expertise in materials consulting and forensic engineering work. He received a bachelor's in manufacturing engineering from Brunel University of West London. He continued on at Brunel to earn his PhD in ...

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