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Expert Qualifications

This expert received his B.S. in Engineering/Metallurgical Engineering from the Fenn College of Engineering at Cleveland State University. He has spent the entire 29 years of his industrial metalworking career as a metallurgical and quality assurance specialist. He has completed more than 25 continuing education and technical conference courses and seminars on various metallurgy and quality science topics. He has worked in several metallurgical and quality assurance positions for some of the best known companies in their respective industries in Midwest. His firm provides basic and advanced metallurgical and quality science consulting and training for a wide range of metalworking companies in the Midwest. These services range from material selection research and design considerations through processing, fabrication, welding, testing and failure analysis in the metallurgical arena, as well as quality assurance system design, training and pre-certification guidance.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: Ohio
  • B.S., Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering Option, Fenn College of Engineering, Cleveland State University
  • Post Graduate Courses at The University of Toledo Masters of Business Administration, Operations Management
  • Factory and Laboratory Training: Republic Steel Corp., Ferry Cap & Set Screw Co., SIFCO Forge, Inc., Walker Forge, Inc., Brush Wellman Engineered Materials, Inc., Concorde Castings, Inc., and Atlas Steel Products Co.
  • Member, American Society for Quality Control (now ASQ)
  • Member, Metal Service Center Institute (MSCI)
  • Member, American Society for Metals (now ASM International)
  • Former, Plant Metallurgist; and Chief Metallurgical Engineer, SIFCO Forge Group
  • Former, Director of Quality Assurance, Training; Director of Quality Assurance, Metallurgy; and Vice-President of Technology, Market Development, Atlas Steel Products Company
  • Former, Sr. Quality Engineer; Metallurgical Laboratory Manager, Brush Wellman Engineered Materials, Inc.
  • Current, President/CEO and Owner, engineering and quality assurance firm

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