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This cybersecurity expert is a seasoned entrepreneur and experienced consultant in the field of identity theft. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California-San Diego and is the owner of over 100 patents. The expert previously founded a mobile malware company that he later sold to Qualcomm. He also worked as the Principal Scientist for Consumer Security at PayPal, and he was a Member of the Fraud Advisory Board for LifeLock. He has published five books in this area, and he recently founded another fraud detection company.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: CA
  • M.Sc., Computer Engineering, Lund Institute of Technology
  • Ph.D., Computer Science/Cryptography, University of California at San Diego
  • Owner, 100+ Patents
  • Author, 5 Books on Identity Theft/Cyber Attacks
  • Published, 100+ Peer-Reviewed Articles
  • Former, Founder, Datopia
  • Former, Member of the Technical Staff, Bell Labs
  • Former, Principal Research Scientist, RSA Labs
  • Former, Adjunct Associate Professor, New York University
  • Former, Associate Professor & Associate Director, Indiana University
  • Former, Principal Scientist, Palo Alto Research Center
  • Former, Member of the Fraud Advisory Board, LifeLock
  • Former, Principal Scientist for Consumer Security, PayPal
  • Former, Member of the Technical Advisory Board, CellFony
  • Former, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, FatSkunk (acquired by Qualcomm)
  • Former, Member of the Technical Advisory Board, Popgiro
  • Former, Co-Founder, Extricatus
  • Former, Senior Director, Qualcomm
  • Former, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Anti-Fraud Technology Company
  • Current, Chief Scientist, a Fraud Detection Company

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Software Expert

State: CA

This expert earned his BS in economics from the University of Pennsylvania and went on to found a music education company called LessonUp. He then began his career in software as a teacher in residence at Hack Reactor and went on to ...

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