Expert Qualifications

This expert has nearly 35 years of experience in the prevention of cyber crime and identity theft. Among the top consumer security and identity theft experts, he has worked with financial firms, governments, intellegence organizations, and Fortune 500 companies on identity theft education and prevention. He has acted as advisor to numerous security firms, including Check Point, Websense, Ntru Cryptosystems, Securify, and SiteLock, as well as several identity protection firms such as PrivacyMatters, EZ Shield, IdentityGuard, and Credit Sesame. He has published a book on the topic and has authored numerous articles and blog posts. The expert currently runs a national security awareness campaign.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: CA
  • Member, Federal Communications Commission's Cybersecurity Roundtable
  • Recipient, Eigen Award, International Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  • Author, Book on Identity Theft
  • Author, 1000+ Blog Posts & Articles on Security and Privacy
  • Executive Director, The Identity Theft Council
  • Advisor, 9+ Security and Identity Protection Firms
  • Former, Managing Director, Secam LTD
  • Former, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Intrepid LTD
  • Former, Director of Communications, ZoneAlarm
  • Former, Consultant, Hackademia Inc.
  • Former, Founder, Think Security First
  • Former, Chief Executive Officer, My Security Plan LLC
  • Former, Customer Security Advocate, Intersections Inc.
  • Former, Advisor, SiteLock
  • Former, Security and Identity Theft Expert, Credit Sesame
  • Current, Chief Executive Officer, Cybersecurity Education Business
  • Current, Founder, Security Awareness Campaign

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