Expert Qualifications

This expert is highly fluent in environmental compliance strategies that take into account state and federal environmental regulations and guidances, and the principles of sound engineering practices. His regulatory expertise includes the regulation and enforcement of hazardous waste, superfund and toxic substance laws and UIC regulations. This expert worked in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for 31 years and was EPA's RCRA national hazardous waste expert and one of a few who was also a RCRA and Superfund Remedial Project Manager (RPM). Because of his extensive knowledge, he testified as a government witness in federal court proceedings and inspected and evaluated the largest, most difficult hazardous waste sites involving complicated toxicology and environmental site conditions. He directed the Regional RCRA inspection team and personally evaluated industrial sites, including refineries, oil and gas production and treatment facilities, metal refiners, power plants, and waste disposal sites across the Region to determine their compliance with environmental laws. A registered PE and board-certified environmental engineer, this expert helped the EPA develop policies and rules regarding regulatory compliance, risk assessment, site remediation, and worker health issues at waste disposal sites, hospitals, refineries, oil and gas production and power plants.

Since retiring from EPA, this expert has had numerous expert witness engagements where he has written several expert reports and participated in various court proceedings.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: CO
  • BS, Civil Engineering, Walla Walla University
  • MS, Water Resources / Sanitary Engineering, University of Colorado
  • Licensed, Professional Engineer
  • Board Certified, Environmental Engineer
  • Current, Managing Member, Environmental Consultancies
  • EPA - Gold Medal for Commendable Service 2009
  • EPA - Multiple time Outstanding Performance Award Winner
  • EPA - Multiple site remediation National Awards
  • Former, National Hazardous Waste Management Expert, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Former, Environmental Engineer, US EPA Region 8
  • Former, Managing Director, Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems at University of Colorado - Denver
  • Current, Adjunct Professor of Environmental Law & Regulations, university in the Midwest

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