Expert Qualifications

This expert has more than 23 years of experience in the battery industry. He earned his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Johns Hopkins University and earned his graduate degree and doctorate from the University of Colorado, where his scholastic work focused on analytical chemistry and electrochemistry. At Optima Batteries a manufacturer of high power, spiral wound lead-acid batteries, he participated in many R&D projects, including one sponsored by GM and the Department of Energy to develop a hybrid electric vehicle. At TDA, he worked to apply activated carbon technologies to a variety energy storage concepts including: ultracapacitors, ultracapcitor hybrids, lithium sulfur batteries, hybrid carbon monofluoride batteries and silicon anodes for lithium-ion batteries.

This expert has particular expertise in lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries. He currently operates a lab in Boulder, CO where he can do more detailed investigations. These might include: forensic exams (evaluation of evidence), failure analysis, performance analysis and modeling.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: CO
  • BS, Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University
  • MS, Analytical Chemistry, University of Colorado
  • PhD, Analytical Chemistry, University of Colorado
  • Member, The American Chemical Society
  • Member, The Electrochemical Society
  • Member, The Denver Electric Vehicle Council
  • Former, Senior Research Chemist, Unichem International
  • Former, Senior Electrochemist, Eltron Research
  • Former, Manager of Technical Research, Optima Batteries
  • Former, Vice President for Technology, Boundless Corporation
  • Former, Senior Chemist, TDA Research
  • Current, President, a Battery Testing and Consulting Firm

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This highly qualified expert has over thirty years of experience in mechanical engineering with a specialization in failure analysis. He earned his BS in mechanical engineering from University of California, Los Angeles and his MS in ...

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