Expert Qualifications

This expert has been in the action sports industry for 30 years. A former National Sales Manager with Local Motion Inc., he has been operating his own action sports consulting firm for more than a decade. He consults on brand marketing, new product analysis, and market and trend research for specialty retailers, action sports brands, and sportswear manufacturers around the world. He also serves as an industry analyst for various financial and venture capital groups.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: CA/FL
  • B.S., University of Miami
  • M.B.A., San Diego State University
  • Former, Store Manager, Star Surfing Company
  • Former, Customer Service Manager, O'Neill Sportswear
  • Former, Marketing Consultant, 3% Inc.
  • Former, Director of Merchandising, Bolt International
  • Former, National Sales Manager, Local Motion Inc.
  • Current, Consultant, independent action sports consulting firm

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