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AI-powered medical record summaries

We're using AI to rapidly distill thousands of pages of medical records into smart, interactive, and searchable documents.

Medical Chronology Case Overview

How it works

Powerful insights at your fingertips

Files being simplified into a case overview

Transform thousands of pages into a time-sequenced list of medical events, eliminating the need for manual data extraction, and saving you valuable resources.

Summarize your records

Uncover critical medical details faster than ever

Medical records parsed and organized

In a matter of days, you’ll receive a complete summary of your client’s medical history, organized by organ system, including conditions, procedures, medications, and lab results.

Summarize your records

Improve consistency and comprehension

Chronologies with 95% Accuracy

With standardized formatting on every medical summary, find what you’re looking for fast then filter by condition, date, body system, provider, and more.

Summarize your records

Summarize records and identify key insights

Uncover the factors contributing to your client’s medical condition with these key features.

  • Case Overview

    Quickly assess a patient’s medical history with a high-level summary that includes a timeline of events, a list of conditions and procedures, and a summary of recent visits.

  • Impairment Rundown

    Understand the severity of the medical condition and its impact with information organized by organ system from most to least severe.

  • Document Abstract

    Track your client’s progress with a treatment timeline that consists of the date, encounter type, providers, and a summary of the visit.

  • Supplemental Documents

    Dig deeper into a client’s medical history with sections dedicated to diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, medication history, and lab results.

  • Provider Reference List

    Obtain detailed information about every interaction with a healthcare professional, including a summary of each encounter, the encounter type, and links to source documents.

Find what you’re looking for in seconds

We summarize your records into a simple table of contents. You can also filter data by prognosis, work capacity, restrictions, limitations, and more.

  • User guide

  • General information

  • High-level summary

  • Key health indicators

  • Summary by medical field

  • Timeline

  • Conditions

  • Procedures

  • Medications

  • Index

  • Source documents

  • Full chronological summary of medical records

  • Handwritten documents & structured forms

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