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AI-driven research and insights on opposing experts

Expert Radar puts due diligence on autopilot by leveraging AI to deep dive into an expert’s background and litigation history faster than ever before.

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Expert Radar uses AI to dive deep into an expert's litigation history, challenges, personal litigation, and all court documents. Moreover, the expert's qualifications, background, and credibility are examined to deliver actionable insights.

Answer your most important questions

Litigation history


Risk factors

  • Has their testimony been challenged?

  • Have they been involved in personal litigation?

  • Do their deposition, trial, or litigation activities reveal contradictions?

  • Is there a basis for bias in their opinions?

  • Are their opinions consistent across similar cases?

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Expert Radar Litigation History

Dozens of third party and proprietary data sources in one convenient location

Tired of spending countless hours logging into different databases, downloading files, and manually annotating PDFs? Save time and resources with access to clean data from disparate sources that is easily searchable all at once and updated in real-time.

Litigation History

  • Expert witness litigation analysis

  • Personal litigation analysis

  • Expert challenges

  • Deposition & trial transcripts

  • Court exhibits & filings

  • Affidavits

  • Other Litigation

Risk & Credibility

  • Disciplinary actions

  • Board sanctions

  • Malpractice claims

  • Background check

  • Social media presence

  • News features

  • Online presence

  • Publications, lectures, & presentations

Professional History

  • Expert fees

  • Education & training

  • Licenses & certifications

  • Employment history

  • Hospital affiliations

  • Memberships & associations

  • Clinical activity

The key to courtroom success

Automated expert research serves up everything you need to know about opposing experts to give you a winning edge in the courtroom.

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    Conflicts of interest

    You don’t need to spend days trying to unearth conflicts of interest. Identify questionable affiliations to shed light on potential biases.

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    Contradictory statements

    Check if an expert's publications or presentations align with their expected opinion and testimony. Use Global Search to instantly find any words, statements, or ideas across all documents.

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    Ulterior motives

    Has an opposing expert received compensation from the organization they’re representing? Uncover hidden motivations and leverage them to challenge an expert’s credibility.

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    Controversial material

    Go beyond CVs and journals. Expert Radar gives you access to presentations, news coverage, and video content you can use to reveal inflammatory comments or controversial posts.

"Expert Radar helped our firm achieve a $44 million landmark victory."

Mark Alcott, Esq.

Harlin Parker

Let’s talk AI

AI is here to stay... and the most resourceful law firms are leveraging it to save time and win cases. Expert Radar uses state of the art natural language processing and machine learning techniques to automate classification and summarization tasks at massive scale. Let our AI do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters.

Using AI, Expert Radar pulls data from millions of documents, transcripts, and more to classify, recognize, and summarize the data you need for thorough expert research—and to win your next case. Expert Radar gives you the power to make expert research scalable, fast, and comprehensive.

Powerful analytics at your fingertips

A breakdown of all litigation an expert has been a part of

Curious about how many times an expert has been challenged? Outcomes of cases they were involved with? Use litigation analytics to glean hidden insights that provide a complete view of opposing experts.

  • Review details on every challenge, including a matter summary and their involvement

  • Uncover legal reasoning behind each challenge motion

  • Find attorneys who have successfully challenged the expert’s testimony

  • Discover why the expert’s testimony was admitted, limited, challenged, or excluded

Get analytical

Get real-time updates and alerts

Data on an expert, including media mentions, institutional affiliations, and background check

Want to be the first to know about changes to an expert’s CV, legal standing, or updates on any new publications? Live monitoring and alerts keep you updated 24/7.

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Opposition research sent straight to your inbox saves time, but Expert Radar also improves your bottom line. How? We provide payment receipts for every engagement so you can bill back the cost of our service to individual files.

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