Your cloud-based
platform for seamless
expert consulting

Manage all your team’s expert needs in an easy to navigate dashboard, accessible from any device at any time.

Quickly request the expertise you need

Submit requests for custom-recruited experts, medico-legal record reviews, phone consultations, and opposition research in less than a minute.

Quickly request the expertise you need

House all your expert witness work in one place

Archive your case history with Expert Institute, including expert CVs, contact information, and consultative feedback.

We reveal a 360-degree view of each expert candidate to ensure they can withstand deposition and cross examination.

Collaborate with colleagues on expert matters

Add colleagues to any of your expert requests, share case files, and schedule group calls with industry professionals.

Speak with your expert before retaining

Make faster, more meaningful connections with experts

Connecting with the best has never been simpler.

Select your favorite candidates

Select your favorite candidates

Review CVs and written feedback from industry professionals who meet all your case requirements, and choose the experts you’d like to speak with.

Schedule consultations on your terms

Schedule consultations on your terms

Use the Expert iQ calendar to set (or reset) your availability for conference calls with experts, and receive reminders prior to calls.

Share case files with experts

Share case files with experts

Upload medical records, accident reports, photos, or any other related documents you’d like reviewed with one click.

We’re here to help

Every Expert iQ user has a dedicated Customer Success Manager and Research Manager, who are accessible for one-on-one support through the portal.

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