On-Demand Record Reviews Increase Karasik Law Group's Bandwidth

The Firm


The Karasik Law Group began as a boutique litigation firm handling diverse civil matters. But after a breakthrough medical malpractice case a handful of years ago, “We really found our niche,” says Alexander Karasik, Esq., founder of Karasik Law Group. Since then, Mr. Karasik’s injury advocacy work has stretched far beyond the small but mighty firm’s home base in Sheepshead Bay, along the southern shores of Brooklyn, NY.

The Challenge


As a part of a close-knit Brooklyn neighborhood, Mr. Karasik naturally turned to members of his community for medical case expertise. “I’ve been entrenched in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn for 30 years plus. We know a lot of doctors in the area, and I have friends who are doctors as well,” he says. “I would call them and see if my case was something they were interested in.” But when the firm’s medical malpractice caseload accelerated, Mr. Karasik couldn’t keep up with just local referrals. “Our connections were limited to just a few areas of practice. So we certainly were short in that department,” he explains.

Mr. Karasik’s influx of cases also uncovered a need for early, in-depth medical record reviews. “We needed those specific experts in various fields, but the real issue for us was reviewing the records,” he explains. Once it was clear that they needed more readily available access to doctors across specialties, the Karasik Law Group turned to Expert Institute.

The Solution


Since partnering with Expert Institute, Mr. Karasik and his team have taken full advantage of preliminary record reviews with Expert Institute’s in-house physicians. “Case review is invaluable and helps us wade through all the records. It also helps us determine which cases to pursue and which not to pursue.” For the boutique firm’s small headcount, Expert Institute’s medical team has helped to round out their team and “really hone in on this really interesting sphere of law for us.” Once a case has moved to trial, Mr. Karasik also relies on Expert Institute’s Expert Search service to source uniquely suited expert support.

Mr. Karasik attributes the “crux” of his successful Partnership with Expert Institute to the robust support from the in-house medical team throughout the case lifecycle. He recalls a case on a potential birth injury where a child was born with neurological issues due to problems during delivery, “We thought it was an excellent case.” However, after consultation with Expert Institute doctors, their review revealed that medical protocol had been followed correctly. “This helped us avoid taking a case that had no possibility of survival, and saved us immense resources,” he explains. The medical team’s case review has also uncovered meritorious cases where Mr. Karasik’s team was unsure of their standing. “The doctors gave a positive review on a case where a gentleman fell and ultimately passed away from a brain bleed,” he says, “Without that input, we weren’t sure we had a case.”

The Results


Reflecting back on previous cases, Mr. Karasik admits he regrets not knowing about Expert Institute earlier. In particular, he recalls a burn injury case that didn’t quite turn out as planned. The case, now on appeal, was disposed by way of summary judgment motion on the basis, in part, that the plaintiff did not provide an affidavit from a medical expert—which may or may not have been required, as the case involved general negligence as opposed to medical malpractice. “Had we been working with Expert Institute sooner, this perhaps may not have been an issue,” he explains.

Looking towards the future, Mr. Karasik sees a “lasting business relationship,” between Expert Institute and the Karasik Law Group. “We’ll be growing together in the next few years. We’ve been very blessed, and happy having you guys on board.”

We’ve been very blessed and happy having you guys on board.

Alex Karasik, Esq. Karasik Law Group

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