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B.A., Ithaca College


Journalism and Politics

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As Lindsey Witmer was about to graduate from college with a double major in politics and journalism and an acceptance to law school, she made a last minute pivot. “I wasn’t sure that becoming an attorney was the career path I wanted to follow yet.” After deferring her acceptance, this avid hiker and gluten-free baking extraordinaire moved to New York City to begin working for a real estate firm. But as she got a flavor for the legal industry, Lindsey found a natural energy for the sales side of things. For the next two years, she managed her own book of business and discovered that sales was her calling.

Now, Lindsey is a Market Response Representative on the Expert Institute sales team, connecting attorneys in all practice areas with the best expert witnesses for consultation and litigation. We caught up with Lindsey to chat about her journey to the Expert Institute and what she loves most about the company — that is, aside from her recent company trip to Playa del Carmen in Mexico.

What is the most exciting part about working for the Expert Institute sales team?

I enjoy working closely with a range of attorneys and getting a peek into their practices. We see all kinds of cases — from medical malpractice and personal injury to commercial litigation and intellectual property cases. I had some insight into legal real estate transactions before working here, but since joining the company, I’ve learned so much about the medical and health world that I would otherwise have never known. It’s been an amazing transition for me.

What drew you to the Expert Institute?

I love being surrounded by my contemporaries. At my previous company, I was the youngest person by almost 20 years. It was great to learn from experienced legal professionals, but as someone who was fresh out of college and living in a new city, I couldn’t really relate to my coworkers. So I was ecstatic to come across Expert Institute! The energy here is fantastic, everyone gets along so well, and I’ve made some really close friends. The company has done an incredible job of bringing together fun, hardworking, and dedicated professionals who genuinely enjoy collaborating.

Can you describe the collaboration on your team?

We’re always sharing tips for speaking with prospective clients, best call practices, and emails that have been successful. If you’re struggling to close a deal, someone else will jump in to help get the deal done. Of course, we all have that competitive drive. But at the end of the day, everyone puts the company first. It’s refreshing to have this kind of energy in a sales environment.

How have the more senior members of the team helped you refine your sales skills?

I have learned so much about the sales world from every single member of our team. The senior members of the team are open to you sitting in on a call to pick up some tips, and I’ve definitely taken them up on that. Each person brings a different style that makes them successful. And hearing how others handle their calls has helped me develop my own flare. Our CEO, Michael Talve, is also very hands-on with our team. He grew this business from the ground up, so I really appreciate the advice he shares with me about engaging with clients.

Can you tell me about a successful experience you had with a client?

Recently, two of my team members were on a business trip in Pittsburgh and they had a meeting scheduled in Philadelphia for the next day. There was a terrible snow storm that night, so I received a late phone call asking if I would go to Philadelphia in their places and meet with their clients. It was such a whirlwind trip, but it was so worth it! I had several productive meetings with firm partners, and I was able to close a subscription with one of our clients the next day. The experience showed me how much my team members trusted me to represent the firm and perform well on the spot.

What do you think makes the Expert Institute a great place to grow your career?

I think one of the most important parts of career growth is being able to find your own voice, and Expert Institute really encourages that. There’s a lot of open opportunity to effect change, which isn’t something you’ll necessarily find at every company. If a process isn’t working and you have suggestions for improvements, your opinion is valued here. I often brainstorm with people across departments about more effective ways to work with our clients. And we see those suggestions implemented, which makes both our processes and our team more productive.

I also appreciate that there are not only opportunities for growth and success here, but also the flexibility to make your own path. There’s no real career ceiling. If you put the work in, you’ll definitely see the rewards.

Can you describe a time you were rewarded for your work?

I recently traveled to Playa del Carmen in Mexico with the sales team for our annual Leader’s Club trip. It was great to spend some time just relaxing with the team. We went to the beach, rode bikes, had dinner together, and just hung out. The trip is really a testament to how the Expert Institute thanks its employees for outstanding work.

Do you have any other favorite memories from your time at the Expert Institute?

Well, of course, the trip to Mexico was great! But just in general, we frequently host company outings to encourage our employees to interact with people on other teams who they might not see every day. Every company event that we host is a great memory for me because I always find someone to talk to that I may have never had a conversation with before. I love learning about how other people are using their talents to grow the company and hearing different perspectives from my fellow coworkers.

What would you tell someone who is considering applying to the Expert Institute?

Go for it! There’s a lot of great opportunity to grow your career and make your own path here!


Victoria Negron is a content writer and strategist who specializes in legal news and blog writing.