Justin Reisch

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

Justin is the lead strategist for the Expert Institute’s digital advertising channels, helping the marketing team make data-driven decisions.

On the team

3 years


B.S., SUNY Geneseo; MSc, Imperial College London


Physics and Environmental Engineering

Bragging Rights

Carly Rae Jepsen's #1 fan

Favorite Food

Fried Chicken



Senior Digital Strategist, Justin Reisch, connected with the Expert Institute while making a career transition. After working in environmental engineering, this live music connoisseur and lover of all things Carly Rae Jepsen, became disillusioned with the slow pace of the industry. Justin was looking to bring his skills in data and mathematics to a company that was innovating in its industry.

“When I found Expert Institute, it was young, it was growing, and things we were rapidly changing. The role I was offered challenged me to do something different every day and afforded me the flexibility to make my job exactly what I wanted it to be.”

Now Justin is the lead strategist for the Expert Institute’s digital advertising channels, helping the marketing team make data-driven decisions. We caught up with Justin about his transition from the engineering industry to digital marketing and how his projects are reshaping the marketing team’s efforts.

What drew you to a career in digital marketing?

I had a base knowledge of the industry right out of college when I went to work for a digital advertising agency in New York. But what brought me back to the digital marketing world after working in engineering was being able to apply the same fundamental data and mathematics skills to make calculated decisions.

When you have a lot of data and information, organizing it becomes a puzzle. I have to make sure that I synthesize the data in a way that makes sense not only to me but also to others. Once I organize the information efficiently, I can start to pick out the patterns and the anomalies within the general noise. It’s exciting that the decisions I make based on data come down to how creative I can get, how accurate I can be, and how I choose to use that information.

How have you been able to make an impact at the Expert Institute?

Working with the team, we’ve been able to accurately track all of our digital marketing efforts back to revenue. Helping provide those insights to our team is rewarding because this information allows us to make even more actionable decisions based on what is working and what is not. I’m proud that my work has helped our team make critical decisions with a lot more authority and certainty.

Can you describe the culture of the marketing team?

One of the main reasons I like working here is because of the quality of people on this team — not only in terms of hard and soft skills, but just in terms of character. We have a tight-knit team with lots of really smart people from diverse backgrounds who are motivated by the work that they do. I have a lot of respect for the skills and value each person brings to the team. A lot of our team’s success depends on us working together so it’s great to be working with a group of people whose goals are aligned. Not only do we enjoy what we do, but we also put forth a lot of results.

I also appreciate that my team encourages me to take risks and supports my decisions. If what you’ve decided to put your efforts into flourishes, you will be recognized. It’s reassuring to be validated because it helps you trust your own instincts and grow as a professional.

How has the Expert Institute helped you grow your skills as a marketer?

Working at the Expert Institute has helped me to think independently and take charge of the projects I see as important. I’m not just being told what to do every day. Most of the time, I assess the state of our current projects and figure out where I fit into that picture and how I can best apply my skills. That’s really rare in a lot of jobs. Not many companies really empower you to think for yourself the way Expert Institute has allowed me to.

What is your favorite memory with the Expert Institute team?

I really enjoy the larger holiday parties where I get to talk to people I wouldn’t normally interact with throughout the day. As the company continues to grow, it’s nice to reconnect and remember that we’re still one team.


Victoria Negron is a content writer and strategist who specializes in legal news and blog writing.