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Jaser Rollins decided he wanted to pursue a career in sales after interning for a tech company the summer after his junior year in college. The economics major from Duke had dabbled in wealth management, but after seeing firsthand how a sales team in the tech industry operates, he was hooked.

Jaser knew that he wanted to work for a younger company with a startup vibe right out of school. When he came across the Sales Development Representative role at the Expert Institute, he applied, interviewed, and the rest is history. “ It seemed like the perfect fit,” he says when asked about it. Now just months after starting at Expert Institute, Jaser is taking the lead on managing groups of potential clients, traveling with senior executives to deliver business pitches, and still making it out to the gym — his favorite pass time — every day after work.

We caught up with Jaser to chat about what it’s been like working at the Expert Institute’s Wall Street HQ.

How has the Sales Development role grown since you started with Expert Institute?

When I started, Expert Institute had an established Sales team, but they had never had an SDR (Sales Development Representative) team. I was one of two Sales Development hires for the company, and we pioneered the role.

My original task was to drum up interest in Expert Institute among attorneys who had never engaged our services before. Every day was a learning experience for me as well as for my managers. They trained me to deliver precise phone pitches, and we worked together to figure out the best course for my position. Now I’m managing several lists of contacts and potential clients, and I’m loving it. It’s also great to know that the next class of Sales Development hires will have a smooth transition because of the groundwork I helped to lay. I’m grateful to have been a part of that.

How would you describe the leadership at the company?

Very relatable. The executives are motivated and receptive, so it’s easy to reach out and get feedback from them. They are open to letting me know how I’m performing and give me advice about what I need to do to succeed. The CEO also always has his door open as well, and he welcomes questions. They all encourage me to work hard and follow the career path I want.

What do you think is the most unique part about the company?

The fact that we’re adding a service to the legal industry that’s completely novel from anything previously available. 99% of the time, the conversations I have with attorneys are seamless because they hear about all the benefits our service can offer and say, “This is great! Why haven’t I been working with you for years? Our firm needs this.” It’s rewarding to know that our product is so valuable to attorneys across all practice areas.

What has been the most exciting project you have been involved in?

I booked several meetings for October, and I was really interested in accompanying the sales executives to learn more about their pitches. My supervisor was happy with my performance, so I traveled to Baltimore with one of the senior executives and sat in on 4 or 5 really productive meetings. It was a fantastic opportunity to watch our sales team in action. It’s completely different to meet someone in person as opposed to pitching them over the phone.

What was it like being in the meetings and like observing the pitches?

It was fascinating. The team included myself, a senior sales executive, and one of our in-house doctors. It was interesting to observe the dynamic between the sales executive and the doctor working together to pitch our medical services. The sales executive was able to speak to the breadth of our services, and the attorneys were able to ask the doctor pointed questions pertaining to their particular medical cases. It’s a great dynamic that really demonstrates the strongest aspects of our business.

Were there any particular wins that came from your trip?

Yes! The biggest win was a medical malpractice and personal injury firm I reached out to. I was able to set up a meeting between one of our sales executives and the firm’s partners, which went phenomenally. Once the partners saw what we could do for their firm, they signed up for a 6-month trial and now they plan to renew for a multi-year contract. I felt so accomplished that I was able to make the introduction between our firms and kindle this fantastic relationship. And it made it all the more rewarding that I was able to travel to meet the firm in person and be a part of the closing deal.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned since starting at the Expert Institute?

Persistence. Even if I’ve made a few calls to someone and I think it’s enough, I can always reach out again. It has happened to me that that extra call is the one that sticks and leads to a productive client relationship.

I’ve also learned to be prepared for anything. Sometimes a call won’t go as planned and I have to improvise. Sometimes calls with a distinguished firm will come up and those will take priority over something else I’m working on. I’m making sure to always think on my feet and be ready to field the questions that come my way.

Why is Expert Institute a great place to be after college?

Expert Institute has been the perfect balance of startup and established company. It’s a high energy company that’s been growing tremendously by the month, but it’s lead by a very ambitious and energetic group of people. We’re leading the industry among our competitors, but small enough to give more junior employees the attention they need to grow into integral members of the company. As a more junior member of the team, I’m grateful that everyone here is so casual and down to earth. I am able to work directly with Expert Institute executives, learn from them, and grow my skill set.

What would you tell someone who is interested in joining the Expert Institute Sales team?

Go for it! If you want to grow your sales skills, Expert Institute is a great place to easily learn from the people who do it best. Managers are open to letting you listen in on pitch calls. I think when you’re applying for any sales role, there is a fear of getting crowded out or that there might not be enough opportunity for everybody. That could not be farther from the truth at Expert Institute! There is a massive market for our service and so much opportunity still to be discovered. I think for anybody who is looking for their next sales challenge, Expert Institute is the perfect place.


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