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Articles by Edward Maggio, J.D., M.S.

Know Your Enemy: How Researching Opposing Experts Can Strengthen Your Position In Court

When dealing with an expert witness, exposing the truth is not only an essential part of a cross examination, but one that becomes imperative. An attorney must ask questions to allow the jury to see that the opposing expert witness…

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False Expert Statements: Legal Consequences for Expert Witnesses and Attorneys

  Expert witnesses are invaluable for explaining to a jury any complicated medical, technical, or scientific evidence. As professionals who are necessary for complex litigation, they often charge substantial fees. But in pursuing such fees, expert witnesses may be tempted…

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AI Medical Device Makers Still Protected By Preemption – But For How Long?

With the advance of AI in the medical device field, questions have risen as to whether medical device makers may risk future liability following recent FDA efforts. AI medical devices are innovative and groundbreaking. However, potential liability questions center on…

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Expert “Prestige”: How Much Does It Matter What University Your Witness Attended?

The issue of whether an expert’s prestige is worth the high cost of services has been questioned by many trial attorneys. Although it may be tempting to hire the most expensive and prestigious expert witness to testify, your expert’s pedigree…

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