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Slaw is Canadian, co-operative, and about any and all things legal. Slaw dates back to June 2005, when Simon Fodden extended an invitation to a small group of early Canadian law bloggers. Our “founding four” (Simon Fodden, Simon Chester, Connie Crosby and me) all continue to write for Slaw in some capacity; Simon F’s vision of a grassroots web-publication for the legal industry thrives to this day. Slaw’s early writing focused on legal information, research, and technology, and while those topics are still addressed regularly, our coverage has expanded to include most aspects of legal practice. Our ranks have swelled over the years, too. As of summer 2014, we routinely operate with a crew of 22-25 weekly bloggers and 60-70 regular columnists. Together, we have published almost 12,000 entries, generated more than 15,000 approved comments, and draw nearly one million page views every month. While our core of writers remain Canadian, we have strategically recruited expert contributors from all around the globe. Our audience primarily consists of lawyers, law librarians, and those working in or studying law. Our aim is simple: to share knowledge, to offer advice and instruction, and to provoke “smart conversations.” Our name was Simon’s doing. When asked “Why Slaw?”, Simon would often respond “Because law.ca was already taken.” Or sometimes he’d say that the name “Slaw” fit perfectly into the crop of popular news websites whose names started with “s” (Salon, Slate, etc.). Or because our members’ contributions were a unique jumble of small pieces, just like a salad. But of all of Simon’s responses, my favourite was simply this: “It’s Slaw, you’ll see. That’s why.” After nine years of creative building, Simon retired on May 1st, 2014. I was honoured to assume the role of Publisher, and I hope to carry on the expansion of our writing crew and to make Slaw even stronger!