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Jeffery P. Drummond’s areas of expertise include representing hospitals and other health care providers, physicians and physician groups, research organizations, laboratories, and managed care entities, such as HMOs, PPOs, IPAs, and PHOs, in mergers and acquisitions of health care entities, formation and dissolution of corporations and partnerships, development of joint ventures (including ambulatory surgery centers and physician-owned hospitals), negotiation and formation of managed care networks, private placement of and tender offer for securities, and the issuance of over $2 billion of health care and tax-exempt financings. He regularly advises clients regarding compliance with health care, pharmaceutical, and tax exemption laws and regulations. Mr. Drummond is a frequent speaker on medical record privacy and security issues and HIPAA, and advises clients regarding compliance with those laws and regulations. He also blogs on HIPAA matters at http://www.hipaablog.blogspot.com/.