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A Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Blog

I am a bankruptcy lawyer from Austin, Texas. I am a former soccer coach and referee and (am still) a plodding runner. My time of 2 hrs. 34 minutes in the 2008 3M Half Marathon placed me in the top 80% of the pack. I have two blogs: A Texas Bankruptcy Lawyers Blog and Life in General. A Texas Bankruptcy Lawyers Blog looks for current cases or issues which are legally significant or just make for a good story. Life in General is more personal and random. It is about whatever I happen to be thinking that does not have to do with bankruptcy. It could be about politics, movies, music or personal reflections. The opinions expressed in these blogs are solely my own and are not those of any organization with which I am affiliated. All posts are copyright 2006-2014 by Stephen W. Sather. Permission to quote or reproduce these articles is granted freely so long as attribution is given.