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Access medico-legal research papers prepared by our researchers and physicians - driven by artificial intelligence.

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Artificial intelligence speeds up the literature review process, enabling our researchers to quickly find answers, and provide a comprehensive understanding of the science behind any injury, condition, device, or procedure.

Move your case forward

Streamline your case theory and solidify causation

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Explore litigation research that strengthens your legal theory, and identifies existing counterarguments to ensure you raise the most important questions at deposition or trial.

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Prepare for the win

Case research

Refute an opposing expert’s opinion, construct complaint documents, craft a compelling report, clarify standards of care, and more.

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Litigation research to help you navigate every case requirement

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    Writing a complaint?

    We’ll arm you with a crystal clear medical perspective and sound legal theory, so that you can craft a decisive complaint.

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    Need an insurance company report?

    Our medical team will provide detailed documentation summarizing your client’s injury, and the necessary ongoing healthcare coverage.

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    Have a policy question?

    Our doctors can outline the standard of care - from COVID protocols, emergency room triage timeframes, to patient safety guidelines.

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