David Ezra Mandelbaum, MD, PhD

Dr. David Ezra Mandelbaum, MD, PhD

ID: 149070

Providence, Rhode Island

About Dr. David Ezra Mandelbaum, MD, PhD

This exceptionally qualified and double-boarded expert earned his BA, MD and PhD from Columbia University. He went on to complete two residencies- one in pediatrics at Yale-New Haven Hospital and one in neurology at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital. As a result, this expert is boarded in both neurology and pediatrics. This expert remains relevant in his field by serving as member of multiple societies, including the International Child Neurology Society and The American Academy of Pediatrics. This expert also remains relevant in research as an author of over 50 journal articles and over 75 abstracts on the topic of pediatric neurology. His accomplished career has been highlighted by several awards including Outstanding Doctoring Community Mentor Award from Brown University. Formerly, this expert served as Director of Child Neurology at three different major hospitals in the northeast. In addition, he also taught as Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology at Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center. Currently, this expert serves as an attending physician in neurology and pediatrics at a major hospital and is a professor of neurology and pediatrics at an ivy league university.

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