Truck Accidents and Truck Safety Expert Witness | New Jersey

Truck Accidents and Truck Safety Expert Witness | New Jersey

Truck Accidents and Truck Safety | E-009351

Expert Qualifications

This highly qualified expert has more than 25 years of experience in commercial motor vehicle crashes and incidents. Throughout his career, this expert has investigated more than 1,000 commercial motor vehicle crashes in a multitude of settings. He is a member of numerous professional societies in the transportation industry, and has various certifications with regards to commercial vehicle operations, roadside inspections and post-crash inspection. Formerly, this expert held a number of positions in the trucking/transportation field, and currently serves as an expert witness consultant in the commercial motor vehicle industry, investigating truck crashes, crash sites and post crash inspections of commercial motor vehicles. In addition, incidents involving both loading/offloading of commercial motor vehicles regarding flatbeds, semi-van trailers and cargo-tanks. Furthermore, he examines areas such as crashes concerning driver qualifications, safety fitness and hours of service.

Bio Snapshot

Location: New Jersey Level 1 FMCSA, NJ State Police/USDOT Commercial Vehicle Inspections PHMSA, NJ State Police/USDOT Hazardous Materials Inspections Safety Supervisor Training, North American Transportation Management Institute Director of Safety Training, North American Transportation Management Institute Cargo Tank Trunk Specialist, NJ State Police Commercial Motor Vehicle Weights and Measures, NJ State Police Inspection and Investigation of Commercial Vehicle Crashes, Institute of Police Technology and Management Comprehensive Truck Brake Certified - Bendix Certified, Smith System Multi-Company Driver Instructor Certified, Traffic Control Coordinator, Rutgers University Certified, Confined Space Operations Trainer, NJ State Police Certified, Rail Tank Car Specialist, AAR/Bureau of Explosives Certified, Advanced Emergency Response, Tank Truck, University of Findlay Certified, Hazardous Waste Site Investigation Supervisor, University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey Member, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Member, National Tank Truck Carriers Member, American Trucking Association Member, North American Transportation Institute Member, Tire Industry Association Member, Accident Reconstruction Comm. Network Member, National Academy of Sciences; Transportation Research Board Former, Professional Tractor Trailer Driver Former, Heavy Highway Construction Management Former, Hazardous Material and Truck Crash Response Manager, EPS Former, Hazardous Materials Trucking ER Technician Instructor, NJ State Police Former, Cargo Tank Truck Specialist Instructor, NJ State Police Former, President/CEO, HMHTTC Response, Inc. Current, Expert Witness and Consulting in the Trucking and Freight Industries


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