Neurology Expert Witness | New York

Neurology Expert Witness | New York

Neurology | E-023994

Expert Qualifications

Board Certified, Columbia University educated and trained neurologist. Phi Beta Kappa. 20+ plus years of teaching experience including Columbia and NYU. Extensive writing experience. 15+ years of peer review experience. Experienced expert witness case reviewer/evaluator in product liability, personal injury, criminal and medical malpractice cases. Special interest in movement disorders. Special interest as well in the psychiatric and cognitive manifestations of neurologic disease and injury, based in part on working at major medical center in NY and fellowship training in psychiatry, including psychopharmacology. Have provided numerous opinions on disability due to neurologic conditions. Experience dealing with neurological emergencies as a neurohospitalist. Licensed in New York and Minnesota. Active clinical practice in both states (NYC and Duluth).

Bio Snapshot

Years in Practice: 20+ Education: MD, Columbia University BA, magna cum laude, Barnard College, Columbia University Residency: Columbia University General Specialty: Neurology Specialty Focus: Parkinson's Disease, movement disorders, TBI, Quality of Life. Causation, Stroke, MS, multiple sclerosis, Epilepsy, Dementia. Neuropharmacology, Dystonia, Huntington's, Multiple System Atrophy, Tourettes syndrome, Neurologic emergencies, psychiatry/neurology border zone, neurologic disability, neurohospitalist


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