HVAC Systems and Major Appliances Expert Witness | Iowa

HVAC Systems and Major Appliances Expert Witness | Iowa

HVAC Systems and Major Appliances | E-005127

Expert Qualifications

This expert is a recognized technical expert in refrigeration systems, furnaces, household appliances, and product development procedures and processes. While he was the Corporate Vice President of Engineering at Rheem, he oversaw all product lines and their design documentations. He has more than 35 years of experience designing and developing HVAC units at industry leaders like Rheem, Trane, and Amana/Raytheon. He belongs to a number of prestigious societies in the HVAC space, and has authored 6 publications in the field. He has 3 approved patents in outdoor heat exchangers as well. He currently serves as the president of a private management and engineering consulting firm.

Bio Snapshot

Location: IA B.S., Agricultural Engineering, Machine Design, Kansas State University M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University Licensed, Professional Engineer Past Member, American National Standards Institute Past Member, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute Past Member, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers Past Member, Gas Appliance Manufacturers Life Member, ASHRAE 3 Patents, Outdoor Heat Exchanger 6+ Publications in the HVAC space Former, Project Development Engineer & Manager, Trane Former, Chief Engineer, Amana Refrigeration, Inc. Former, Vice President, Caloric Corporation Former, Vice President, Amana Refrigeration, Inc./Raytheon Appliances Former, Manager, Engineering, Fisher Controls Int'l Former, Corporate Vice President, R&D, Engineering & Quality, Rheem Manufacturing Co. Current, President at private management and engineering service firm


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