Failure Analysis Expert Witness | Georgia

Failure Analysis Expert Witness | Georgia

Failure Analysis | E-006897

Expert Qualifications

This expert has performed failure analysis of a wide variety of products and components made from polymeric and composite materials, including coatings, plastics, adhesives, rubber, and textiles. He is experienced in all widely used chemical analysis techniques and thermal analysis techniques, and is highly capable of designing test and inspection protocols to determine the causes of failure for a wide variety of products, including cookware.

Bio Snapshot

Location: Georgia B.S., University of Central Florida M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology Professional Affiliations: Member, American Chemical Society Member, American Society for Testing and Materials Member, American Society for Metals International Member, Society for Automotive Engineers Member, Society of Plastics Engineers Former, Senior Chemist, Applied Technical Services, Inc. Former, Research Scientist, Georgia Tech Research Institute Current, Founder and President, analytic laboratory and failure analysis firm


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