Construction Expert Witness | New York

Construction Expert Witness | New York

Construction | E-007383

Expert Qualifications

This expert has nearly 30 years of construction and construction project management experience. He has extensive New York City hands on construction experience, from a $27 million multi-family residence in upper Manhattan to Phase 1 of the $4 billion Second Avenue subway project. He has written a 550 page illustrated hardcover construction management textbook that is currently used in graduate studies at a major New York university and he currently serves as Project Manager for a construction consulting firm that specializes in construction claims, contract and building code compliance, accident investigations and design evaluations.

Bio Snapshot

Location: New York B.A., Hunter College Former, Project Director, 3-D Construction Inc. Former, Director of Operations, RD Rice Construction Inc. Former, Senior Project Manager, Clark Construction Corp. Former, Chief Estimator, Uberto Construction Current, Project Manager, construction consulting firm


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