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Bus Safety Headshot

Bus Safety Expert

This expert is nationally recognized as a school bus expert who has been working in the industry since 1978. He has successfully taught Fire, Law Enforcement, and EMTs for 25 years about the characteristics of the school bus so they can respond to a crash and rescue scene with more confidence in their response. He established a school bus training consultancy in 2000 to specialize in training the school bus industry, the fire and rescue industry, and law enforcement on ...

Corporate Compliance and Business Ethics Headshot

Corporate Compliance and Business Ethics Expert

This qualified expert received his BA and MA from University of Notre Dame and his JD and PhD from Northwestern University. He has authored 15 books and over 80 articles on issues of business law, business ethics, and corporate compliance with a main focus on corporate ethics and compliance. This expert is the former executive director of the Institute for Corporate Responsibility at The George Washington University. He also served as a Lindner-Gambal professor of ...

Child Abuse Pediatrics and Forensic Medicine - Physical/Sexual Abuse/Neglect Headshot

Child Abuse Pediatrics and Forensic Medicine - Physical/Sexual Abuse/Neglect Expert

This expert is board certified in pediatrics and child abuse pediatrics, and certified as a life care planner. She is a full Professor of Pediatrics at a Medical School in New York. She has significant experience as a clinical and medical expert consultant and witness for causation in the field of sexual abuse, physical abuse, child neglect, child fatalities, and child product liability and safety, and for damages assessments as a life care planner. She has conducted ...

Foster Care, Child Abuse and Neglect Headshot

Foster Care, Child Abuse and Neglect Expert

This expert has been involved in executive, management, policy-making, and consulting in the field of social welfare since 1980. He earned his master's in Social Work from Case Western Reserve University and also has a J.D. from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. The expert is an honorary fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and an Editorial Board member on several social work journals. He is currently a social work professor in New York City and an ...

Psychology - Sexual Abuse Headshot

Psychology - Sexual Abuse Expert

This expert has been a practicing psychologist for almost 25 years. She received her BA from University of Massachusetts and then went on to receive her MA and PhD from California School of Professional Psychology. This expert has constantly improved herself by receiving extensive training in multiple disciplines by the leaders in that field. She has given 7 presentations at differing California psychological conferences and training centers, speaking about her work with ...

Business Valuation and Economic Damages Headshot

Business Valuation and Economic Damages Expert

This expert on Economic Damages has over 35+ years of experience in calculating damages and performing business valuations. He obtained his BA in Economics, his MBA in Accounting and Finance, and his JD from Tulane University. He is a certified CPA, Senior Appraiser, and Business Appraiser and certified in Financial Forensics and Business Valuation. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.. He has 5 Publications and is currently a Tax and ...

Business Ethics Headshot

Business Ethics Expert

This expert is a world renowned business ethics teacher, scholar and consultant. He received his J.D. from New York University and his Ph.D. in Public Policy from Harvard University. Prior to entering academia, this expert was the General Counsel of BioTechnica International, one of the first publicly-held biotechnology companies, and of Interlaken Capital, a privately held venture firm. Currently, he is a Professor of Management at a Silicon Valley-located business ...

Corporate & Business Law Headshot

Corporate & Business Law Expert

Since graduating from Northwestern Law School, this expert has worked as a corporate attorney for over 12 years. He has extensive experience advising as to SEC-registered and exempt transactions, including initial public offerings, common and preferred equity offerings and debt offerings. Additionally, he has worked in large, prestigious law firms such as Sidley Austin and also worked at the U.S. Treasury Department on the Troubled Asset Relief Program. He currently is ...

Child abuse Headshot

Child abuse Expert

This expert has extensive experience in cases involving child abuse or injury in institutional settings (i.e. schools, churches, foster care, youth groups, day care, treatment centers, residential facilities and hospitals), failure to supervise, interpersonal violence and bullying, sexual abuse by teachers, clergy or staff members and child-on-child abuse. She can help you assess standards and practices, policies and procedures, and questions of negligence. Having worked ...

Nursing and Substance Abuse Nursing Headshot

Nursing and Substance Abuse Nursing Expert

This highly qualified Adult Nurse Practitioner earned her degree from the University of Maryland. She is double board certified as an Occupational Health Nurse and a Substance Abuse Nurse. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Nursing. This expert has published over 10 peer-reviewed articles and has been invited to over 16 national lectures. She is a former Staff Nurse and Occupational Health Nurse. She is former Branch Chief at the White House Office of National ...

Transportation and Bus Operations Headshot

Transportation and Bus Operations Expert

This qualified expert of Transportation and Bus Operations has over 32 years of experience in the Bus Industry. He is a certified bus driver instructor by the State of California and the USDOT Transportation Security Institute, and is trained in the fundamentals of bus collision investigation by the United States Department of Transportation. He is currently the safety manager of charter motorcoach operator in San Diego, CA, a position he has held since 2000. He has been ...

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