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Mathematics and Digital Multimedia Headshot

Mathematics and Digital Multimedia Expert

This highly-qualified mathematics expert has over 25 years of experience in his field. He earned his BA and MA in mathematics from California State University, Sacramento. He is a certified scrum master as well as a member of the American Mathematical Society. Formerly, he was an instructor of mathematics at California State University, Sacramento, Sierra Community College District, Los Rios Community College District, and San Diego Community College District. He also ...

Film, Television, & Digital Media Headshot

Film, Television, & Digital Media Expert

This highly-qualified expert over 40 years of experience in the film, television, & digital media industry. His work has been focused in areas including lost earnings, trade custom and usage, and profit entitlements. He graduated magna cum laude with his BA from Kenyon College before earning his JD from New York University. This expert is active in his field as a member of several associations, including the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the International ...

Media Libel Headshot

Media Libel Expert

This former dean of journalism has spend 40+ years in the academic study of mass communication. He earned his BA in Political Science and English from Boston College, thereafter earning an MA and PhD from the University of Iowa, where he began his subsequent career as an academician. He is the author of numerous scholarly publications in the field of journalism, including two acclaimed books regarding libel....

Digital Media Content Headshot

Digital Media Content Expert

This expert has been involved in the digital media content industry for over 14 years. He holds B.A. from the University of Oregon and has been active in the Picture Archive Council of America as both a Technology Chair and President. He has been a moderator, panelist and speaker at various industry conferences including National Geographic photographer summits, CEPIC, and PhotoLA....

Digital Forensic Technology Headshot

Digital Forensic Technology Expert

This expert has been working in the digital technology industry for over 25 years. A Certified Forensic Consultant, Computer Examiner, and Digital Forensics Practitioner, he has conducted multiple computer forensics and e-discovery seminars for the New Jersey Bar Association and five different county bar associations. This expert is highly familiar with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures and Federal Rules of Evidence regarding digital media, security and privacy laws, ...

Analytics & Data Science Headshot

Analytics & Data Science Expert

This data analytics expert earned his BS in Economics/Statistics from the University of North Dakota and his Master's Degree in Applied Statistics from The Ohio State University. He is a former senior quantitative analyst at Mattel, where he worked on digital channel analytics covering paid search, display advertising, and website visitation. As an instructor of Database Marketing Analytics at Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association, he taught marketers the ...

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