Dr. Chris Ibanez is a Medical Intake Specialist with residency training in Family Medicine. As a primary care practitioner, he has experience evaluating and treating patients across a wide range of medical conditions in both clinic and hospital settings. He frequently cared for patients with cardiometabolic and renal disease, chronic respiratory disorders and infections, psychiatric conditions, and neurologic disorders. Additionally, he has experience in Women’s Health and Pediatrics. His Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree complements his primary care background, as this medical degree emphasizes a patient-centric model to healthcare delivery.

During his medical training, his academic interests included incorporating health and fitness into the medical curriculum. He was interested in pursuing a nonsurgical sports medicine fellowship. His research experience included assessing different treatment modalities for chronic pain and its impact on medical students’ perception of pain management. He also had a strong interest in traumatic brain injury, having spent some of his clinical rotations at institutions such as Magee Rehabilitation Hospital and MossRehab in Philadelphia.


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